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Ask Kleppers about power management devices.

eFlow plus LINQ2 ...now communicate over the network. Altronix LINQ2 remotely reports accurate power diagnostics Controls power and resets devices from anywhere Email and SNMP trap message notifications Event log tracks history Eliminates service calls and creates RMR...

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Kleppers Security Source: Avoid Liability Issues

Do you know how many visitors are in your facility right now? What if there is a fire or emergency? Visitor Control Management Once an access control system has been installed, employees may gain access to certain areas in the building by using their badges. Yet,...

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Who Was In The Office Over The Weekend?

Know what goes on at your business when you're not able to be there. Kleppers Security Source provides piece of mind and accountability through Access Control Systems. Contact us if you have concerns about your...

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  • How to Protect Your Access Control System against Cybercrime December 11, 2018
    Criminal cyber activity evolves at an incredible pace. Today’s cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for security gaps that will give them access to your facilities or a wide range of important, private and sensitive information. In our increasingly interconnected world, the potential avenues of exploitation seem greater than ever.
  • How to Protect Sub-Perimeters with Advanced IP Technology December 11, 2018
    By definition, a perimeter is the outer boundary, and securing that perimeter means protecting that area. Everything has a perimeter, from a large university campus to your own personal space on that campus. Law enforcement and security personnel have predefined outer perimeters that keep people either in or out in the case of an event. […]
  • ONVIF: A Vital Tool for Retrofit Projects December 11, 2018
    Security directors are no stranger to the necessity of blending legacy physical security devices and software with newer products and services. Whether you are a retail business in search of higher resolution camera technology for more accurate images, or you’re the head of a multi-location organization that wants to leverage new access control card reader […]
  • FBI Releases 2017 Crime Data December 11, 2018
    Data from 2017 included information on around 5.4 million incidents with 6,290,042 criminal offense, of which 61 percent were crimes against property, 23 percent were crimes against persons, and 16 percent were crimes against society (such as animal cruelty).

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